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Ethics and Plagiarism Policy


According to the AJME Author Guidelines, submissions to AJME must represent original material: “Papers are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has been neither submitted to, nor published in, another journal or conference. If it is determined that a paper has already appeared in anything more than a conference proceeding, or appears in or will appear in any other publication before the editorial process at AJME is completed, the paper will be automatically rejected.

Papers previously published in conference proceedings, digests, preprints, or records are eligible for consideration provided that the papers have undergone substantial revision, and that the author informs the AJME editor at the time of submission. If previously published material is reproduced in submited manuscript, corresponding author must provide proof about the necessary copyright permission.


Concurrent submission to AJME and other publications is viewed as a serious breach of ethics and, if detected, will result in immediate rejection of the submission.


Plagiarism Policy


We at Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering adhere strongly to the highest ethical standards of academic integrity, and fully expect the same from all of our contributing authors. Any paper containing plagiarism seriously hinders us from our goal of maintaining high levels of quality, uniqueness, and innovation. 

We will take serious actions against those papers determined to contain plagiarism including, but not limited to, removing those articles completely from our website as well as from the websites of the databases in which we are listed and indexed. Original authors can file a complaint against the paper which they think is their work and we will evaluate all such request in an impartial manner.


Copyright Information

Please note that, once the editorial board informs the author that the paper under review is accepted, via email, it is tacitly approved that the copyright of the paper is transferred from the author to the journal. As soon as the acceptance decision is notified, the editorial board will not agree to any request from the author for cancellation or removal of the paper.

Inquiries about the journal may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..